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Tulikivi Soapstone Wood Fired Bakeoven

Tulikivi’s unique heater-bakeoven combinations allow for unsurpassed flexibility in meeting your baking and heating needs.


Heat your Home with 16th Century Technology and 21st Century Innovation

Tulikivi Soapstone Fireplaces & Bakeovens


Always Warm, Never Too Hot

One of the biggest problems with using traditional wood burning stoves, in the relatively mild climate of the Mid-Atlantic and South-Eastern region of the country, is t


Tulikivi - Contraflow and Whirlbox Design

Interior Smoke Path of A Tulikivi

Tulikivi Soapstone Heaters burns and heats very efficiency. Only a small quantity of wood is required, which burns cleanly and produces very little ash. Our soapstone heaters exceed even the toughest of emissions standards worldwide.


Understanding How Radiant Heat Works

To understand the advantages of radiant heat from a Tulikivi fireplace, it is helpful to know how radiant heat works….

When you stand in the sun, you feel radiant heat….


Amount of Energy in Firewood

There are many different values used for the energy content of wood fuels.


Tulikivi - It's About BTU Storage not BTU Output

  • What is the BTU Storage of a Tulikivi soapstone heater or bakeoven?

How Much Will a Tulikivi Project Cost?

There are nearly a dozen variables determining the overall cost of a Tulikivi heater project. We have some heaters that take 15 hours to put together while others take 45+ hours.


How Much Space Will A Tulikivi Heat?



Wood Stove vs Tulikivi Heater

Girl sitting on a soapstone bench next warm Tulikivi heater