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Breath Easy with a Smart Investment

Tulikivi is a Finnish company and world’s largest soapstone processing company, has over a quarter of a million happy Tulikivi Heater owners worldwide.


The Path to Thermal Comfort


Home Heating – Differentiating The Good From The Not So Good

Determining the differences between better and worse, when it comes to 


Why is a masonry heater a more comfortable and efficient home heating source?


BTU’s in Cordwood

Stack of Firewood


WHEN THE WIND BLOWS - IT'S COLD (The indoor wind chill factor)

Cold Winter Scene in Finland

Everyone has experienced the cooling effect of a strong wind or breeze while engaging in some outdoor activity. The extent of the cooling effect is determined by the speed of the wind and the temperature of the air.


Living with Fire

TTU2700/5 Tulikivi Soapstone Heater

Consumers are attracted to hearth products for the ambience and thermal comfort they can provide. When considering home heating, they provide fire viewing ambiance as well as producing significant heat for the home.


Why is a radiant heater a more comfortable and efficient home heating source?

TU2200T Tulikivi Soapstone Heater

Thermal comfort occurs when a satisfactory thermal balance exists between a person and their surrounding environment. This balance is affected by six factors, two relating to the person and four to the environment.