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Tulikivi - Contraflow and Whirlbox Design

Tulikivi - Contraflow and Whirlbox Design

Interior Smoke Path of A Tulikivi

Tulikivi Soapstone Heaters burns and heats very efficiency. Only a small quantity of wood is required, which burns cleanly and produces very little ash. Our soapstone heaters exceed even the toughest of emissions standards worldwide. Tulikivi has invested heavily in technology to ensure their products are efficient, economical, environmentally friendly, easy to use and sets the standards of quality.

1. Soapstone is a dense, heat-resistant and solid material. Soapstone also has better heat retaining and thermal conductivity properties than other stones.

2. Wood is burned completely and the heat is stored in the soapstone mass. A Tulikivi maximize the heat output of wood and are easy to use. A short 1- to 3-hour burn cycle per day will contribute a significant amount of heat to your home.

3. Like the energy from the sun, Tulikivi soapstone fireplaces and ovens produce gentle radiant heat. It is the healthiest form of heat and does not parch the air like metal stoves and hot air systems.

4. The Whirlbox is a new invention patented by Tulikivi. It lengthens the time combustion gases remain in the fire chamber allowing combustion to be not only efficient, but also, exceptionally clean. Emissions from the fireplace remain at a fraction of the worlds strictest norms.

5. Relatively low surface temperatures make a Tulikivi heater safe and enjoyable to touch.

6. Tulikivi fireplaces have ash boxes with lids, making ash removal convenient and clean – ash won’t blow everywhere. Air intake control is conveniently located on the ash door.

ONE-OF-A-KIND: Modern production technology, skilled stoneworkers who take pride in their work, and dozens of years of experience, produce a one-of-a-kind fireplace for your home. All new Tulikivi Heaters come with a five-year warranty.

UL LISTED: Tulikivi ovens and fireplaces are the only masonry stoves in North America tested and listed to UL / ULC standards.

INSTALLATION: Tulikivi fireplaces are delivered to your home and installation is carried out by an authorized Tulikivi installer ready for use: all you need to do is light the match.

THERMAL MASS: The thermal storage capabilities of our units allow you to continue heating while you are asleep or away, without a fire burning.