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Tulikivi Talk - Warm & Cozy Tulikivi Heaters

Tulikivi Talk - Warm & Cozy Tulikivi Heaters


Why are Tulikivi heaters able to provide superior thermal comfort for home heating? The primary reason starts with the fact that a Tulikivi has a very substantial thermal mass of soapstone. When a fire is burned in the fire box most of the heat from the fire is stored in the thermal mass and then slowly released into the living area for many hours after the fire is out. The amount of heat stored depends on the weight of the thermal mass and the weight of the wood burned.  For example, a small Tulikivi with a weight of 2000 lbs. burning 20 lbs. of wood can store approximately 100,000 BTU’s. A medium sized model weighing 4000 lbs. burning 40 lbs. of wood has the capacity to store over 200,00 BTU’s and a large model at 6000 lbs. burning 60 lbs. of wood, over 300,000 BTU’s.

The fact that a Tulikivi can store large amount of thermal energy and slowly radiate this energy over time has a significant positive impact on the thermal comfort in your home.

  • The Tulikivi’s surface temperatures are warm rather than extremely hot. Warm surfaces radiate like sunshine to walls, ceiling, floor and objects in the living area, rather than hot surfaces which heat air and then cause drafty convection from cooler surface in the living area.


  • Warmer room surface temperature reduces the heat loss from a person’s body as well as the draftiness associated with convection.


  • The radiant warmth from a Tulikivi is warmer than a person’s body and shines on everyone in its view.  This direct thermal gain does not take place with the circulation of air, that is cooler than body temperature.


  • The Tulikivi’s radiant heat does not negatively affect the humidity in the air the way hot surface stoves and forced air systems do; higher humidity levels result in less loss of body heat from evaporation on the skin.


  • There is less fluctuation of room air temperatures with a Tulikivi than with other heating systems.