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Rubin TTU2700-75 and Harmaja Project

The Rubins wanted replace a woodstove in their basement with a Harmaja. They also had a zero clearance fireplace they wanted to place a single sided TTU2700 with a bakeoven in front of. They had an existing raised hearth they wanted to cover with soapstone to match their Tulikivi.

The floor under the TTU2700/75 upstairs needed to be supported. The support beams below needed to maintain a 14" clearance form the Harmaja to the combustible support beams. The existing flue pipe for the previous stove and fireplace needed to be replaced with the correct size flue pipes for the Tulikivi heaters.

Tulikivi Side View
Previous Woodstove
Empty Alcove
New Harmaja
Previous Fireplace
During Retrofit
New Heater Completed